Collection Two: B​-​Sides

by Ian Gallagher

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This is literally what it says, a B-sides. It's a compilation of a bunch of old and new music that never fit anywhere else, so it's here. Some of it I'm really proud of, some is eh. But it's new music so why are you complaining? Check the lyrics out to learn more about each specific song.

As always, it's free to download. However, if you ever feel like it, you can donate a bit of money, but it's by no means necessary.

I hope you enjoy it. If you don't, so be it.


released May 10, 2017

All music written/arranged by: Ian Gallagher
Mixed and mastered by: Ian Gallagher
Album cover: Ian Gallagher



all rights reserved


Ian Gallagher Winston Salem, North Carolina

A 18 year old electronic musician who hopes to one day earn a comfortable living off of creating music.

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Track Name: Enter
This is a remaster of the first song from my album "Collection One: Creative Energy". I prefer this one, as it is more atmospheric, and it's also pretty well mixed. I'm definitely proud of this one.
Track Name: I'm not sure what to call this song
I really don't know what to call it. All I know is that I seriously fucking love this one. It's kinda out there, but I really had fun making it. I still have plans for it though, maybe adding vocals?
Track Name: Gigglin' Gallagher and Ian Fowler - Attack ships at dawn off the shoulder of orion (feat. Ian Fowler)
This single synth track song was made in collaboration with my very good friend Ian Fowler (go check out his Bandcamp page, he's a fantastic musician). I added the Neil Armstrong shit later, as I felt like it suited the song pretty well. It's a weird one, but I really like it.
Track Name: Some dumb upbeat song
Eh, this song's alright. It's not well mixed, and it lacks a lot of personality, but I guess it sounds nice. It's upbeat which is what I was going for, so I guess that's good.
Track Name: Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary - March (theme from A Clockwork Orange) remix
I made this for an English project last year because I read and analyzed Anthony Burges's incredible novel "A Clockwork Orange". I also fucking adore the film. I doubt I did the original justice, but I am proud of my little "synthetic orchestral" spin on it.
Track Name: Traveling through the grassy plains
This is my second attempt at orchestral music, and I think I did a pretty good job. It's derpy and bouncy and silly. I really like this song, even though the instrument sounds are kinda shitty. I do plan on coming back to this song someday when I have better sounding instruments to use.
Track Name: Some stupid ass accordian thing for the universe to ponder on
I made this in twenty minutes. It is exactly what the title says. I fucking love it.
Track Name: A creative surge (remastered)
This is probably my second best song. Unlike "the man in black...", this one is loud, thumping, busy, and long as hell. This is my longest song to date, counting in at nearly eight minutes with almost thirty tracks. I've spent months perfecting this song, and I think I've finally done it.
Track Name: Kahoot trap remix meme
I found a loop that is literally the same as that one song in Kahoot. So I heard it and said "It need bass"

Fuck this song it's beautiful. You know you love it. It's fucking FIRE, YO.